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The Events of Saudi Arabia

Two races in and it is clear that these new cars have made quite the impression, not only at the front, but throughout the field. DRS showed its strength as Max and Charles swapped places numerous times, keeping fans on the edge of their seats

Source: RedBull

Pole seemed to again be a toss up between RedBull and Ferrari, with the scales tipping slightly more towards Ferrari. This time it was Sergio Perez who claimed the first ever pole of his career, upsetting the likes of Charles.

Lewis Hamilton had a shock exit in qualifying, and only managed P16! His teammate Russell did considerably better in a respectable P6. Hamilton was left to scrap for 10th in the race after making good progress, but that was stopped after an incident left it too late to enter the pits. Although George finished P5, Mercedes really need to take a big step if either of their cars are to race well and score solid points.

The race had 5 DNFs and 2 DNS, with Schumacher not starting after a heavy crash in qualifying, and Tsunoda coming to a stop on the way to the grid. The remainder of retirements were down to car failures, except from Latifi who crashed...agin...

Source: Formula 1

There are numerous question marks about whether there should be more races at the track, and I am sure that drivers wish to have more of a say on where F1 races. Unfortunately, we all know this will never be the case, as money is the big driver of where the sport goes. We can only wait and see what is to come, especially after the announcement of a race in Las Vegas.

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